Renegade Game Studios has announced Lanterns Dice: Lights in the Sky, an upcoming roll-and-write spin on the popular tile-laying game, Lanterns.
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The latest mash-up in Kingdom Hearts isn’t a Disney characters or even a spikey-haired youth with a big sword. The popular video game franchise is being cast in the title role of a new version of the long running board game Talisman.
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Thunderworks Games, best known for its deliciously meta board game Roll Player, has announced a new game set in the same universe coming later in 2019. The game, titled Cartographers, has players competing by literally drawing maps using flip-and-write mechanics over four rounds.
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Fourth wall-breaking investigation game Detective and the social card game The Mind were both big winners during this year’s l’As d’Or, or Golden Ace, awards in France.
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Pop culture toy company Funko has popped its way into the board game space by acquiring Prospero Hall parent company Forrest-Pruzan Creative.
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Fantasy Flight has announced work on Star Wars: Outer Rim, a new game from Corey Konieczka and Tony Fanchi, which promises to bring the word of bounty hunters, mercenaries and smugglers to the tabletop in the second quarter.
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In a somewhat circular example of life-imitating-art, it appears that a new Stranger Things-themed Dungeons & Dragons core set is on the way.
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Mahaney Center for the Arts Announces New Season
Evergreen College’s Kevin P. Mahaney ’84 Center for the Arts is proud to announce the 2018–2019 season lineup, with beautiful performances...
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