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The Others: 7 Sins finds $1.4M worth of forgiveness

by Jason Dobson
CoolMiniOrNot’s The Others: 7 Sins, which pits players against monsters based on the biblical seven deadly sins, draws in more than $1.4 million from backers over the course of 27 days.

Web-head swings into Dice Masters this November

by Jason Dobson
Following on its most recent sets devoted to The Avengers and Green Lantern, this fall WizKids will release a new set devoted to everybody’s favorite web-slinger, Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Recent News

Indie Cardboard Asks: What mechanics go well together?

Oct 06, 2015
Does worker placement go down smoother when paired with die rolling? Do tile placement and majority scoring really complement each other?

The Great Dinosaur Rush starts digging on Kickstarter

Oct 05, 2015
The Great Dinosaur Rush aims to recreate the so-called Bone Wars of the late 1800s in American history, during which paleontologists competed to…

The 7th Continent wants you to choose your own adventure

Sep 30, 2015
The 7th Continent, a new Kickstarter project from French studio Serious Poulp, aims to bring the dynamic storytelling found in Choose Your Own…

IELLO, Devil Pig double down on Normandie

Sep 30, 2015
Publishers are bringing Shadows Over Normandie and expansions to retail in November.

Ask a Developer: What is the process of signing a game or designer like? - Part 2

Sep 29, 2015
This continuing regular series takes an inside look at what it means to be an indie game developer. In this latest entry, Grey Fox Games’s Joshua…

Roll for the Galaxy expanding with Ambition

Sep 28, 2015
Designers Huang and Lehmann reveal that the upcoming expansion to Roll for the Galaxy will add new dice, factions and options aplenty.

Z-Man Games releasing Skyliners at Essen

Sep 27, 2015
It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. At least it was until you built that building there, you jerk. Conversations like these are sure to unfold…

An early look at World’s Fair 1893

Sep 26, 2015
Step right up, take a ride the Ferris Wheel, and bring the spectacle of the Chicago World’s Fair to your tabletop in our early look at World’s Fair…

Toy Vault details Firefly: Fistful of Credits

Sep 25, 2015
Toy Vault, which announced plans in February to release a new game set in the Whedonverse called Firefly: Fistful of Credits, has released the first…


Marvel Dice Masters: Age of Ultron Review

by Jason Dobson
Iron Man and Rocket Raccoon walk into a bar. This latest set in the Marvel Dice Masters franchise brings some of the comic book world’s most popular heroes and villains to the table.