Are worries about how much gold you need to stash under your pillow towards Massive Darkness keeping you up at night? CoolMiniOrNot and Guillotine Games will clear things up next month. The pair announced that the upcoming Zombicide-inspired dungeon crawl will arrive on Kickstarter June 7, offering backers a chance to trade their gold for a chance to hunt monsters in what CoolMiniOrNot describes as a “classic fantasy RPG experience.”

Ahead of this year’s Spiel Des Jahres or “game of the year” awards, organizers have once again announced the games up for the prestigious nod. In what is essentially the Oscars for board games, this year’s candidates include the popular word guessing game Codenames from Vlaada Chvátil, Phil Walker-Harding’s Egyptian-themed building and resource management game Imhotep, and the treasure hunting family game Karuba from designer Rüdiger Dorn.

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The farming game Finca has been hard to come by since its release in 2009. Now publisher Crash of Games announced that it is bringing the game back with a new reprint coming in 2017. The news came by way of company owner Patrick Nickell during his regular 5 Minute Monday video series, during which he described the long, somewhat bumpy road it’s been to get Finca’s upcoming reprint underway.

It’s no secret that Tiny Epic Galaxies remains our favorite release from Gamelyn Games, as well as one of the most cherished small box games on our shelf. Now the publisher is aiming to revisit its game of galactic conquest with a new Kickstarter project coming later this year. Beyond the Black is an upcoming expansion to designer Scott Almes’ Tiny Epic Galaxies, and will introduce a number of new elements, from upgradable ships to pilots for hire.

Portal Games has struck a deal with the Old Ones, creating a new drafting game with all the tentacles you can handle. Tides of Madness is a two-player from designer Kristian Curla, who created 2015’s award-winning Tides of Time.

League of Ancient Defenders, or LOAD for those short on breath, is a new miniatures game in the spirit of popular multiplayer online battle arena PC games such as League of Legends and Defense of the Ancients. The game was launched on Kickstarter earlier in May, and has of this writing already drawn in more than $190K from backers. Now the project owners have announced that publisher Ninja Division (Super Dungeon Explore, Ninja All-Stars) will bring the game to North America in 2017.

There’s just nothing like a good flick. Recognizing this, Z-Man has announced plans to bring Pretzel Games' Flick'em Up! to new markets in a new “Wider Audience” this July. Arguably just as interesting is news that this new edition of the game will also carry a lower asking price, just $34.99, which is more or less half the cost of the original version released last year.

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Have you ever run from a bully? How about dozens or maybe even hundreds of jerks, each bearing down on you with gnashing teeth and pointy swords? Probably not, but that’s precisely what happened to your villagers, who after being beset upon by barbarians were forced to flee their home and start life anew in a faraway land. But instead of taking revenge, your villagers set out to make the best of a bad situation, rebuilding their village against a scenic backdrop while also exploring a network of underground caves in order to gather resources, earn reputation, and bump into the occasional fish man. Welcome to Above and Below.

Following up on last year’s Skyway Robbery, publisher Game Salute has launched a crowdfunding campaign for two new card games set in the same steampunk-themed universe. However, unlike Skyway Robbery, which was a large programming game involving a series of heists set aboard an airship, each of these new games favor gameplay that’s much more social.

From web comics to board games, it seems like everyone has their own convention these days. Now gaming giant Hasbro looks like it may be entertaining the notion of creating a gathering all its own. A report this week by ICv2 highlighted a new trademark filing by Hasbro for the term “HasbroCon,” leading many to speculate that the company is well on its way to announcing a new convention solely dedicated to its line of products aimed at “making the world smile.”