• Prepare for battle

    King Down isn't chess with some new elements thrown in; it's a surprisingly thematic gamer's game set in the mechanical "world" of chess.

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September 06, 2014

Review: Warband: Against the Darkness

by Jason Dobson
Warband offers a decision-heavy game that mixes elements of area majority, set collection and worker placement for an experience that while at times a bit clunky is nonetheless a good time.
August 24, 2014

Review: Nautilus Industries

by Jason Dobson & Aaron Hayden
A game of supply and demand with a coat of sci-fi paint, Nautilus Industries is nonetheless a fun and engaging model of economic behavior.
Aug 18, 2014

To the Moon: Eduardo Baraf takes us on a journey with Lift Off!

Murder of Crows co-creator and video game industry veteran Eduardo Baraf talks with us about his latest creation, Lift Off! - Get me off this Planet.
Aug 10, 2014

Review: Galaxy Defenders

Galaxy Defenders brings an exciting cooperative bug hunt to the table with clever twists around every turn.
Aug 01, 2014

Review: Wizard Dodgeball

Take the court as we review the debut title from Mind the Gap Studios in which wizards bring a bit of magic to the age old game of dodgeball.
Jul 29, 2014

Going Alone: Get infected

Game designer John Gibson talks about creating Infection: Humanity's Last Gasp as well as hints at what's coming next.
Jul 27, 2014

Opening the Knapsack: PopCap vet Andrew Federspiel talks going analog

Game designer Andrew Federspiel opens up about his decision to turn from making digital experiences for PopCap Games, instead focusing on making tabletop games for his new company, Knapsack Games.
Jul 21, 2014

Review: Rarrr!!

There’s a new king in Tokyo. We review the latest game from APE Games, the only game where a giant bunny destroys a city with radioactive breath. Well, since the last one.